Personal Experiences

Over the years I have experienced many paranormal and angelic encounters from waking up to seeing “spirits” standing at the end of my bed to encountering “angelic forces” that I have felt and seen, which have rescued and guided me through my life.

I am blessed to be able to converse with my “spirit guides” (guardian angels) every day, and have discussions about day to day issues that may arise or questions about situations that might be bothering me, whatever the circumstances, I am always given the correct and appropriate answers to help me.

My beloved guides stand beside me constantly, giving me the strength to endure the difficult times that life can offer, but they also have a tremendous sense of humour, which sometimes can immerse me in fits of laughter and help me see that life really is wonderful!

The Presence

I remember at the age of nineteen I was asleep in bed, lying on my left side facing the bedroom wall, for three consecutive nights I was awoken by “the presence” tugging at the right sleeve of my nightshirt up near my right shoulder, it would pull at it, like “the presence” wanted to take me somewhere, but when I looked around, there was nothing or no one there.

“The presence” did this for two nights, but on the third night I’d had enough of being woken up, if “the presence” wanted to communicate…..well then communicate!

The third night “the presence” came forth and did the same tugging motion at my nightshirt sleeve, but this time I turned around swinging my right arm out behind me while firmly stating “LEAVE ME ALONE!”, and with that I hit the solid mass of another arm, but when I turned around to have a look, there was no one there! “The presence” never returned.

Near Miss

It was the year that my father had died, and it was coming up to Christmas, my partner at the time suggested that we go up to the beach for a few days to get away. We drove up in the van, it was large enough for us to sleep in, so once we arrived there we did not have to worry about accommodation, we parked the van not far from the beach.

That evening we decided to walk up to the local hotel and have a meal. I just drank soft drink, I was distressed thinking about my dad, but alcohol was not something I drank a lot of anyway. After the meal we sat back and just relaxed for a little while, it was about 9.30pm now, and we decided to head on back to the van for the night. As we started walking, my partner decided to walk down on the soft beach sand which trimmed the tar road, it was not overly busy so I decided to stick to the road, as I did not want to get my shoes full of sand! I could hear the waves crashing onto the beach, but could not hear if any cars were approaching, so I relied on seeing their headlights, and then I would move myself out of the way so that the cars could pass. As I continued to walk, I suddenly felt an arm embrace the upper half of my body, and it was gently nudging me off the road onto the soft beach sand, I did not fall, but just tripped ever so gently over myself. I was still standing, absolutely stunned, wondering what had just happened. I then saw, just where I had been walking, a pushbike rider cycling past me at full speed, with no bike light, no warning bell, he would have hit me and we both would have been badly injured, but something so amazing saved me….my Guardian Angel.

Wings Of An Angel

It was a winters day and the air felt cold, I was in a hurry to cross the road before the traffic started moving on the green light, but by the time I had reached the middle of the road, the traffic started to move, I was stranded on the double white lines, I thought to myself, if I could only just make it to the traffic island I would be safe. I started walking on the double white lines, the traffic was whizzing past me on either side, I was in fear of getting hit, but at that vulnerable moment, I felt and could hear and see two large wings fold around my whole body, the tips of the wings joining together at the front of my body, it was like I was in a cocoon. I felt so warm, loved and protected and the loud noise of the traffic streaming past was muted, there was just silence, as I was guided towards the traffic island, once I was safe, the silence broke as the wings unfolded around me and I could feel the cold winter air against my skin again. I was left standing unscathed and totally amazed as to what had just happened. My foolish decision could have cost me my life, but again I was rescued by….my Guardian Angel.


Sometimes a message, or a warning can be received as a dream or a vision, these are called premonitions.

In 1980 I visited Oahu Hawaii for the first time, I loved it so much that I vowed I would return to that tropical isle every year for the rest of my life!

In 1981 I jetted off for my second trip, and in 1982 I booked and paid for my third trip, everything was fine and dandy!

About eight weeks prior to the November departure date, I started having these reoccurring “tidal wave” dreams which I awoke from feeling extremely uneasy. As the weeks progressed, the “tidal wave” dreams became more frequent and a feeling of gloom surrounded these dreams quite strongly, the dreams would not stop, until it got to a point where I was sitting in front of the travel agent and uttering the words “I can’t go to Hawaii!”

I had paid for my trip in full and I did not want to lose my hard earned money, so the travel agent told me I needed to get a doctors certificate explaining why I could not go. Great! How do I explain these symptoms to a doctor?! Anyway, I managed to get a full refund and the dreams ceased.

It was now one week prior to the date that I was supposed to depart for Hawaii, and I had one more “tidal wave” dream as a reminder as to why I should stay put, the dream was very vivid and I awoke from it again feeling extremely uneasy.

Well it was now the week that I was supposed to be lying on the beach and soaking up the sun in Hawaii, but instead I was sitting at home in the evening reading a magazine while listening to the six o’clock news on the television, it was then that I heard the newsreader announce that Hawaii had been hit by Hurricane Iwa, there was no electricity and there were large tidal surges. I watched the television screen in amazement as reports flooded in from holiday makers who were distressed and shattered by what was happening around them, I must admit, I was extremely grateful and happy to be in the comfort of my family home, and not in a hotel room surrounded by wild winds, squalling weather and no electricity!

Below is part of the story that appeared in the newspaper the New York Times:
Published: November 25, 1982

Hurricane Iwa blasted the northern Hawaiian Islands with a 110-mile-an-hour winds Tuesday night, leaving one Navy seaman dead from huge waves slamming his ship, millions of dollars’ worth of homes and businesses in ruins and the fate of those on Niihau, the hardest hit island unknown.

The hurricane roared over the islands of Kauai, Niihau and Oahu, site of Honolulu. An estimated 500 people were left homeless, and officials said 120 people were treated for minor injuries. Civil defense officials estimated damage on Oahu alone at $30 million, including $4 million in damage to luxury hotels along Waikiki Beach. The storm sent some 7,000 people fleeing to shelters, then swept back to the open sea and lost strength.

The storm struck at night, brushing Oahu and ripping through Kauai with waves and winds that tore away roofs, trees and power lines and punched out windows. Electricity and telephone services, including communications with the United States mainland, were knocked out for hours.

Some domestic airports were closed temporarily. Honolulu’s main airport remained open, but airlines on the mainland postponed flights to Hawaii at the height of the storm. In Waikiki, streets remained flooded and littered with debris. Beachfront hotels cordoned off the shoreline area, moved lawn furniture and plants indoors and taped plate-glass windows. Several hotel basement garages were flooded. Nearly 1,000 people of Oahu’s low-lying Waianae coast fled to Red Cross and private shelters to escape the surging waves, wind and rain.

All these, and many more experiences have made me understand and know that there is another dimension other than the life that exists on this earth. Something more powerful and amazing which, once experienced, can transform people’s lives forever.

Peace and Happiness Always

Isabella T