Colour Of Life Psychic Readings

By Isabella T

Welcome to Colour of Life Psychic Readings

My name is Isabella T, and I am a Psychic Medium who can connect with spirit. Ever since I was a child I have had the ability to see, feel and hear spirits. Over the years I have helped many people go on their journeys through life with a renewed and uplifting energy.

I am able to provide insight through my Tea Leaf Readings, Hand to Soul Readings, Psychometry (holding an item of jewellery, and feeling the energy of the person it belongs to), and my Clairaudient ability to hear spirit clearly to relay messages. I do not use Tarot.

I believe that life is a blank canvas, and we are the artist’s holding the brush, with a palette of many colours. Each day we paint our life with these colours, some can be green for healing, red for anger, black for sorrow, purple for spirituality. We choose an abundance of colours to show how life has taught, and transformed us, while knowing that every colour we use has a meaning, and a significance for that particular time in our life, which give us courage and remarkable strength to be able to embrace and treasure that painting, and call it our own.

Like an artist’s pencil, we have sharpened and drawn the outline of our life from birth. As we have progressed through life, we have erased and redrawn many experiences. It is these experiences through our life, that have helped us to grow, to be able to lighten and shade so many wonderful aspects of who we really are, and to be able to add the depth of so many beautiful colours to enrich our life throughout our journey.