I found my gold watch and favourite beads!
Getting ready to rent our house out over the Christmas holidays is always a drama and last Christmas was no exception. Looking after my own personal things always comes last on the list, so I hurriedly locked my watches and precious (to me) beads collection away in the normal place and rushed off to the airport. But come time to start wearing a watch again I could not, just could not find it, despite a week of searching. I went to Isabella T who visualised a tall dark narrow chest of drawers. First success, as I had locked all my treasures in precisely that place. So I went through all the little trinket boxes and trays over again. No luck. Getting troubled now - the watch is a solid gold watch, given to me when I turned 13, and is very dear to me because it cost my father his weeks wages - Isabella T could see the watch down the bottom of the chest of drawers - "don't give up she said" - so I started at the bottom of the chest of drawers and worked upwards, and there in the second bottom drawer was my watch plus a bundle of exotic red amber beads that I hadn't even realised I had "lost". In my rush I had dumped them all in my husband's old letter drawer because I had filled all the other drawers up with stuff that I wanted locked away. So simple and logical, but it took Isabella T to guide me to this drawer which was normally off-limits to me. I liked the way that Isabella T kept refining her search, keeping my confidence high all the time, and confirming my faith that some people have exceptional gifts to see another reality which can help and guide us if only we will listen.
Julie Foster-Burley

It was an unexpected event for me to have Isabella T read my tea leaves today. From my heart, the experience was truly extraordinary. I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity today. Isabella T has a very special gift to share, and anyone choosing to have support in anyway of your life would be blessed to see her. Isabella T was able to channel loved ones just passed, and gave me a great sense of peace. Thank you from all my heart.
Carolyn King

I found Isabella T very, very accurate. Straight away she described my loved ones from spirit and gave me so much advice that rings true for me. I'm very grateful to finally find a Medium who can read for me! I will be back.
Lee Tainui

As someone who is very comfortable with talking to the universe and getting the guidance I seek, I found being with Isabella T today like opening an inner door. She was able to see directly into the lifetimes and the path I had chosen, and fine tune and point out the things for me without her having any prior knowledge. It is impressive and fascinating to be with the "real deal", another who connects to information without filters, with kindness and compassion. I look forward to our next time together.
Marie Stonell

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed Isabella T's tea leaf reading, she was "spot on" with everything she said, she has a warm and beautiful presence and I felt very comfortable, and look forward to my next reading.
Ela Gibson